Carbo-Loading on Words

With each draft of my manuscript, I discard more words than I write. My first draft was written in three months. Word count was at 70k when I finished, but I discarded 60k of them for my second draft. The next round was better, but still, I rewrote most of it. I am a wasteful writer.

I've merged characters, changed settings, deleted entire story lines. When my brain gets stuck (my version of writer's block), it means something isn't working. Textual frustration level increases to GIVE ME A PLATE OF CARBS AND LEAVE ME IN FRONT OF HULU FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT, because I know when I'm back at my desk the next day, I'll be deleting a sizable chunkachunk of stuff I love.

I SWEAR this draft will be the last time I make such drastic changes. The NEXT one will only be for nit picky things like spelling and grammar. Uhhhh. What was that? Noooo. My fingers aren't crossed. Don't know what you're talking about. Seriously. I MEAN IT. No. More. Rewriting. FOR REALZ THIS TIME.