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Obligatory NaNoWriMo Post

I'm frantically trying to put the finishing touches on my work in progress so I can concentrate all my energy on NaNoWriMo. Eight days and counting. Not a lot of time left. I might start something completely different or I might work on book two of the current series.

Last year, I stalled at around 12,000 words because Skyrim came out smack-dab in the middle of November. Instead of killing my word count, I went on a killing spree in the name of the Dark Brotherhood.

(Shout out to Shadowmere. My favorite horse ever. Hey buddy! How you doin?)

The timing couldn't be more perfect.

This year, nothing I want to play is coming out. I checked. And I think NaNoWriMo will give me some much-needed distance from my WIP so I can squeeze in one last draft before my self-imposed deadline in late November/early December.

NaNo is my fling, my fuck buddy, my one night stand. It reminds me not to get too hung up on perfection, and it lets me have a bit of fun before I go back to the WIP I've been with for nearly a year and a half.

Long-term commitment be damned. AIN'T GONNA PUT A RING ON IT.

Thirty days. 50,000 words. Let's do this.

Roadtripping on Red Dead Redemption

Four-hundred-seventy-three miles left to go. I'm driving through piss-yellow grassland so parched it would take only a spark to ignite into a full-blown wildfire. If it does, there's nowhere to go. It's grass, grass, and more grass until there isn't. Beneath the only tree for miles, a herd of horses crowd together seeking respite from the heat.

Along the horizon, mountain ranges spread out their impressive bulk. For all their harsh angles, there is a quiet harmony to their shape: one's crest in between another's dip, each in the shelter of another's shadow.

Red Dead Redemption's soundtrack comes on:

"Step in front of a runaway train Just to feel alive again Pushing forward through the night, Aching chest and blurry sight It's so far, so far away It's so far, so far away" —Far Away by José González

I am John Marston riding across Mexico. Just me and Horse. When the wind kicks up from the south, it brings along the sharp smell of an oncoming thunderstorm. I shift in my saddle. Horse tosses his head. His strides lengthen into a steady bada-bada-bada that cuts through the oppressive stillness in the air.

The music switches to another playlist.  I sip my iced soy latte, and I'm back in the driver's seat. No leather. No horse. Air-conditioner cranked to high.

Just four-hundred-seventy-two miles left to go.

Random Encounter

I'm at Safeway self-checking out. This big dude in his forties or fifties ambles over to me. He works at Safeway. Gives my N7 bag a look. I'm thinking he's about to accuse me of stealing groceries or something. He growls, " ever been on the Normandy?"

My eyes light up. His does too. Then we start chatting about Mass Effect and Skyrim.